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Do Hard Things

Jun 23, 2021

In this episode I have a great conversation with Chris Moynihan. We discuss fatherhood, the challenges of being a foster parent, striving to be a good man and backpacking. Christopher Moynihan is a Construction Superintendent in the greater Salt Lake City area, he also spends time as a backpacking coach and guide as the owner of Bexar Outfitters.  He is a proud husband and father, and a former foster parent.  Chris is an enthusiastic rucker, and enjoys time in the mountains as a backpacking.


Some notable things about Chris. Chris spent two years as a missionary in Mexico where he developed some unique perspectives about the world.  Chris has an MBA and is currently leading and developing a high performing team to construct a large project of multi-family apartment and urban infill projects in the Utah Valley.  He talks about leadership principles he is incorporating to create high performing teams in his line of work and we discuss his love and passion for backpacking.


Chris has a Facebook page and a youtube channel called "Bexar Outfitters" (pronounced like Bear), where he does gear review videos, and backpacking coaching. 


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