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Do Hard Things

Mar 2, 2022

"Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway." -John Wayne


We are witnessing story after story of Courage and Bravery in the Ukraine. 

Courage is the ability to confront something painful, difficult, or dangerous despite any fear.  Courage is a choice.  A person feels the fear, pain, or danger, but chooses to persevere anyway. 


Last week, on 24FEB22, two Russian Battleships assaulted a Ukrainian held position on Snake Island, in the Black Sea off the coast of the mainland.


Russian Battleship:

"We are a Russian battleship. We suggest that you disarm and surrender, to avoid bloodshed and unnecessary casualties. Otherwise, you will be bombed. Snake island, we are a Russian battleship, I repeat. We suggest that you disarm and surrender. Otherwise, you will be bombed. Do you copy?"


Ukrainian Position: "Russian battleship, go F*ck yourself."


The Ukrainian position was ultimately destroyed.


May the 13 Ukrainian soldiers rest in peace.


Could you imagine being faced with that dilemma?  Would you surrender or hold the line?


Courage is a pillar of high performance and we often fear many things in life.  A situation like this makes me realize that some of the fear I face in life are really inflated by my subconscious. 


Much of what we fear is b.s.  

We fear judgement of others. 

We fear failure. 

We fear if we do that thing and look foolish our reputation will suffer.  

We fear the hardship of doing something new. 

We fear that if we rise up to the challenge and do the work, our life may not be better. 


High Performers look at fear a little differently and take action anyway. The world's highest performers act courageously in facing their challenges and in chasing their dreams.


This is what I help people a do as a high performance coach. I help people discern their real fear from the inflated fear, and then together, we formulate courses of action to overcome the real fear and execute the goal.


Courage Questions:

How could your life improve if you faced your fears?


If you had to have more courage right now, what would you stop doing?  Start doing?


Is there anyone in your life that you could be more honest with when it comes to your true feelings?


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