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Do Hard Things

Feb 23, 2022

In this episode I have a great conversation with Tom Kiat where we discuss High Performance Habits, discipline, and a variety of topics to help you dominate your life. Tom Kiat is the author of The Ultimate Men’s Playbook, world class performance coach, natural bodybuilding champion and father of 2. He is the founder of League of Elite, a men’s high achievers program and manages the careers of a selection of elite athletes, executives and popular influencers. Tom currently makes his home just off the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica.


List of Accomplishments:

Owner of Elite Training Center

Owner of Great Canadian Bootcamp

Mr. Southwestern Natural Canada

Canadian National Natural Champion

Mr. Natural Canada

IFPA Pro Natural Bodybuilder

Yorton Cup Natural Championships (4th in the World: Middleweight Division)

School Teacher 25 Years

Author of The Ultimate Men’s Playbook

Founder of League of Elite

Retired at 49


Significant Formative Experiences

Growing up with Addictive Father

- Grew up quickly

- Dad was biggest example of who not to be

- Mom was a real influence (business wise, loyalty)

- Strong desire to be a Somebody

Brains. Brawn. Success. (The Total Package)

A belief system that I had about who I needed to be.

Bodybuilding Experience

- Peoples’ perception of me prior to lifting (Skinny kid....poor background)

- Development of Work Ethic and Standards


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