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Do Hard Things

Oct 20, 2021

In this episode I have a great conversation with former Navy Seal William Branum. During this conversation we discuss his military career, biggest challenges of becoming a Navy Seal, Military Transition, thoughts on the current situation in Afghanistan, and his entrepreneurial venture with Naked Warrior Recovery. 


Williams is the Founder and CEO of Naked Warrior Recovery, a CBD company focused on the recovery of veterans and first responders. He is a retired Navy SEAL with 26 years of service. He has served on both traditional SEAL Teams, taught as a SEAL Sniper Instructor and served on Teams that specialized in undersea operations, who’s missions must be approved by the

President of the United States. He led major combat operations ranging from protecting the interim Iraqi elected officials to Direct Action missions in Baghdad and across Ambar province.


After retiring from the military in 2018 he realized that he was suffering from physical and psychological symptoms that negatively impacted his well-being and quality of life. Migraines, severe anxiety, chronic pains, difficulty focusing, difficulty sleeping/falling asleep, and depression are some of the symptoms I struggled with on a daily basis.


Like so many others, he used alcohol & prescription drugs to mask the symptoms he had. Then he discovered CBD and it changed his life. It had such an impact on him he started Naked

Warrior Recovery to bring the highest quality products to the market and to teach the GET NAKED! Mindset.


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Points of Interest: 

0-33:00- Career highlights/BUDS mindset 

34:00 Thoughts on Afghanistan 

36:00 Advice to Veterans Who Question Their Service 

39:00 Military Transition-lessons learned 

45:00 Benefits of CBD

1:06 William describes how CBD helped him

1:15  22 to 0- Fight against veteran suicide