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Do Hard Things

Oct 27, 2021

In this episode, I host a race recap with Team Odlaw, Outlaws from the RAGNAR Bourbon Chase Road Relay from Clermont to Lexington, KY October 15-16, 2021. 

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail is a collection of bourbon whiskey distilleries located in Kentucky. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail features 37 distilleries and  began in 1999 as a way to bring tourism to Kentucky. 


The RAGNAR relay is a running event in which teams of 12 crazy people run roughly 200 miles—from point A to point B—on city streets, country roads, sidewalks, and bike paths. Teams run day, and night, and day again, sleeping (ha ha) in vans, grassy fields, or perhaps a high school gym. 


Each teammate runs three separate legs of the race, with downtime in between, for a total of 11 to 24 miles per runner (twice that for ultra teams). 


We recap our experience, conduct and After Action Review, and what lessons learned from an event like this can be applied to your daily life. 


Questions I asked: 

Why do you do these types of events? 


What was the most difficult moment for you? 


What lesson learned from this could you apply to your day to day life? 


What equipment did you wish you would have brought?


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