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Do Hard Things

Nov 24, 2021

The holidays can be a stressful season where a great demand is placed on your time and resources.  There are high expectations to put on the best dinners for a large number of people and pressure placed on everyone to be happy and joyful. Knowing there will be chaos and being calm  in the storm is a winning approach to thriving through the holiday season. 


The first half of the podcast is me providing x3 strategies to help you navigate the holidays.  The second half is a Graduate Warriors Radio broadcast where Dr. Charles Quinn, Wileen Becker and I discuss how to avoid holiday depression. 


The Graduate Warriors is a non profit organization founded by Wileen Becker and Dr. Charles Quinn.  Their mission is to help military veterans suffering from PTSD and combat veteran suicide by providing hope, education, and materials.  In this episode, they invite me to discuss the importance of enduring happiness on their weekly radio show.  


Our greatest human desire is to feel loved and appreciated and this episode we provide tips and strategies to help people keep their relationships healthy. 


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