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Do Hard Things

Apr 20, 2022

In this episode I have a great conversation with Dr. Amy Skyles and we discuss a variety of topics to include navigating and maintaining work/life balance, the challenges of working remotely during the pandemic, and what doing hard things means on a day to day basis. We also discuss topics from her new book: Get Back to Work: A Guide for Navigating Your Career.


Dr. S. Amy Skyles is a working mother who lives in rural Missouri. She brings humor and lived experiences into her writing, providing relatable stories and tips for living your best life. Amy is a self-proclaimed overplanalyzer who loves to learn and she believes that where you are now is just a step toward where you can be, both personally and professionally. She believes that planning and setting small goals are essential habits for success. When she is not working, Amy can be found lounging at her river glamping lot, exercising, or playing with her puppers. 



Amy’s greatest accomplishment is raising two humans to the point where they can do their own laundry, feed themselves, and get to work on time. They’re adult-ish and self-sufficient. She doesn't understand why people say they are raising kids. They should be raising adults! 


Amy managed to defend a dissertation and finish her EdD during the pandemic and she recently published her first book, Get Back to Work: A Guide for Navigating Your Career.


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