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Do Hard Things

Aug 18, 2021

In this episode, I describe why we lose our motivation when pursuing our goals.


Have you ever known deep down that you should be eating better, maybe you should be exercising more? 


Have you ever thought that maybe you should be spending more time with your kids?  You know you should be spending mohard-to-geth your partner...  but you don't?  


 Your actions don't match what you are doing? 


Maybe you feel that your career has flatlined, you are in a plateau?  You worked hard and then flatline...  You find you haven't driven anymore.   


Why does this happen?  


Why do we lose motivation to do things?


Most people wait until it's too late to find out what is NECESSARY.  Their partner leaves them, so now they want to shape up.   People go to the doctor and get a health scare so NOW they want to exercise. 


People wait until the very last moment because it's much easier to be COMFORTABLE than to TRY.  


We got into a comfort zone and we started thinking about our ambitions from this place of comfort and lose connection with our why and the reason is NECESSARY.  The world's highest performers connect necessity with their pursuits and you can too. 


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